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If you have a fantastic space, and like to support new and exciting local initiatives that bring drinkers into your midst, then you should consider becoming one of Sleight of Hand’s partner venues.

There would be no set up or pack down required by you or your staff, we would do absolutely everything including promote the venue in all marketing, and the easy to clean paint and protective table coverings will ensure there will be absolutely no mess and you won’t even know we were there. We are able to run these events at our partner venues either once a week or fortnightly (depending on how regularly you would like to host).

If at any time you decide it's not the right event to bring people into your venue, you can let us know and there is no obligation to continue hosting our events, however, we are very sure you will not be disappointed!




Cost to you: $0.00


Unlike musicians, DJs, trivia organisers - We bring people in and don’t charge you a thing


We’ll promote you!


We handle all the event advertising and YOU get the opportunity to:

  •  show off your unique and fantastic venue to a whole range of new and diverse guests;
  •  receive additional promotion via social media when guests ‘check-in’ or tag themselves in photos at our events;
  •  enjoy increased revenue when our guests purchase drinks and meals before, during and after the event;
  •  provide a unique form of in house entertainment for your guests; and
  •  contribute to the arts and culture of your local community and help people rediscover themselves.

All of our artists have their RSAs (for your peace of mind) and we promise to treat your venue with the utmost respect at all times.


Email us at if you would like to discuss hosting our events at your fantastic venue.

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