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Why work with us?

 We provide everything needed to ensure the event runs smoothly from plastic tablecloths to protect your furniture, easels, brushes, canvases and easy-clean paint. There would be no set up or pack down required by you or your staff, and we would do absolutely everything. We are able to run these events at our partner venues weekly, fortnightly or monthly (depending on how regularly you would like to host).


The events go for two hours and during that time, one of our experienced instructors facilitates the reproduction of the customer’s chosen artwork by providing step-by-step guidance and all of the necessary materials. We promote the venue on all of our social media channels and on our website and encourage customers to purchase meals and drinks before, during and after the event.


Some important benefits for your venue include:

  • Increased revenue from food and beverage sales
  • New customers (80% of our customers have never been to your venue before)
  • It's completely free to host Sleight of Hand Events.
  • Venue loyalty (you're who we recommend first when are contacted to organise large private parties)


Great! When can we start?

Email us on or call us on 0436 341 837 to let us know you're interested! We'd be happy to discuss the logistics and tell you more about how the events are run. 


We hope to hear from you soon and would absolutely love to have you on board.

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